Happy, Happy, Happy by Phil Robertson

Happy, Happy, Happy: My Life and Legacy as the Duck Commander is a book about Phil Robertson by Phil Robertson. The man behind the legend. It follows his journey from his humble, humble beginnings, to his booming family business. But, not only is Phil a commendable duck hunter, but also a VERY dedicated Christian. Happy, Happy, Happy is filled with insightful truths, teachings, and stories that are bound to shock you. It is very eye-opening and you are bound to learn something from Phil Robertson’s journey…the story of how he became happy, happy, happy.

What can I say about this book…it was awesome! Getting a look into Phil’s journey from poor boy to rich business owner of Duck Commander was truly inspiring. I wish I could just copy and paste the whole thing so that you could read it (and love it) immediately…but sadly, that would be illegal. But, I can sum it up for you in this review.
I loved that he laid his book out into 14 steps to becoming happy, happy, happy. He wrote these by drawing from his own life experience. He didn’t just write about what he thought would work and what wouldn’t. He wrote solid, solid truths. It is so important for elderly people to document in some way the lessons they’ve learned so that the next generation won’t make the same mistakes. I think Phil did this!
I loved that he didn’t look at the mistakes he made as mess-ups or things that “weren’t supposed to happen”. Yes, he made mistakes just like the rest of us, but he understood that it was all part of God’s master plan. He understood this and then LEARNED from those mistakes. You can tell that he is a man who just wants to please God and hunt ducks. He seems to have no fear of death because he KNOWS that he is going to heaven. He has a tremendous amount of faith that just comes spilling out of this book. I love that!
The first tip that Phil gives to becoming happy, happy, happy is to simplify your life. This stood out to me because he defines this as “throwing away your phones and computers, Yuppies”. In one sense, I agree with this. Electronics and social media have become idols in America today. Millions of people now find their worth in the number of followers they have, rather than their worth as a child of God. Kids spend more time staring at a screen for hours on end instead of playing outside in the magnificent world that God has given us. SO many horrible things can now be accessed because of the internet, polluting children’s minds. So, yes, I do believe that it is the perfect way for most American’s to declutter their lives. But, computers, cellphones, etc., are also many ways that God helps spread His Word. Nowadays, people have access to millions of sermons on the internet, and thus many are converted. Phil Robertson and the rest of Duck Commander may not have become so well-known if it weren’t for electronics. Without their videos, they may not have impacted half the people that they did. Still, America has gone too far with the idolization of electronics and social media.
Phil Robertson made one particularly good point in chapter 11. He was saying how ridiculous the regulations put on hunting are nowadays. How they protect ducks a little too much. He said, “Unborn babies don’t have as much protection in this country.”. What a hard-hitting truth! I envision a mic-drop here. Seriously, why doesn’t this man run for president?!
Overall, this was a fabulous book from a man who is incredibly in tune with God, the Bible, and ducks. The book is easy to comprehend and contains no foul language or other indecent material. It is SO good and I recommend it to everyone! Seriously, EVERYONE should read this book. Lovers of the show and Phil Robertson would especially enjoy it. It deserves 5 out of 5 stars. It is awesome!


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