Book Tag Tuesday: The Hamilton Book Tag

“Oh. Yeah.” -Rocket Racoon

I mean, Hamilton is awesome enough, but what happens when you combine awesome books with Hamilton??!!! So, for Book Tag Tuesday, I am doing the Hamilton book tag originally created by Maureen Kevy on BookTube in 2015. However, I first saw it on Lauren’s Bookshelf on There were no rules listed, so I thought I’d throw some of my own in. Enjoy!

  • Link back to the original creator’s post
  • Link to the blog post where you first saw this tag
  • Answer all the prompts
  • Tag at least 3 other people
  • Finish your post with your favorite Hamilton song and lyric (considering you’ve heard/seen Hamilton already. If you haven’t, who are you???!!)

(Since there are 46 songs in Hamilton, Lauren did not use every one as a prompt.)

Room Where It Happens

A book world you would put yourself in

It’s gonna have to be Narnia. I love Narnia so much…but I also love The Wingfeather Saga, LOTR, The Story Peddler, etc….but I had to choose one, and it is Narnia. Mostly because the ones I previously listed are written in a time of worldly darkness. So, it is hard to get a full grasp of the world setting.

The Schuyler Sisters

An underrated female character

Gosh…um…Beth from Little Women. Now, I don’t think she is an underrated, as in unpopular, character. However, I do think there is a deeper, stronger side that isn’t as explored in literary examination. Though she is sweet, kind, and quiet, she has a strength that is buried. As she faces death near the end of the book, she learns to be contented with the path God has chosen for her. Imagine, being filled with such overflowing peace with one’s destiny? Not to mention she spends the last years of her life helping others in need. Beth’s true strength of character is so underrated.

My Shot

A character who goes after what they want and doesn’t let anyone stop them

Sarah Cooley. This here girl is intense. She is a go-getter to the largest degree there is. Though she gets on my nerves at times, I admire her go-getter-ness. (That’s a thing, right?)

You’ll Be Back

The sassiest villain

I’m sorry, but I truly can’t think of one.


A series you marathoned

I actually have two series that I marathoned. The Wingfeather Saga and The Ever After Series. Both are splendid series! I definitely recommend these two!


Favorite book with multiple POVs

Wonder. I loved how the point of view switched from character to character throughout the course of the book. It was really well done. However, R.J. Palacio didn’t do it ordinarily. She changed the style of writing to the “style” of the character. Does that make sense? Like when it was Auggie’s point of view, it was like we were reading Auggie’s thoughts. Then we went into Violet’s thoughts where the “style” of how her brain saw things was completely different. Thus, it was written that way. I hope I explained it well enough. I’m sorry if this was a little painful to read. 🙂

Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

A book/series that will be remembered throughout history

The Lord of the Rings. Heck yeah!


A relationship you were rooting for from the start

Tanwen and Brac in The Story Peddler. There are so awkward and perfect together!

Ten Duel Commandments

Book with favorite fight scene

CAUTION: Proceed with care, the following paragraph will contain spoilers.

This will not be your average stereotypical fight scene that I am about to mention. In the 4th book of the Wingfeather Saga, Leeli learns that the music of her whistleharp is hated by Gnag’s battle-bats, (as in the animal). So, she does her part in the war by playing her music non-stop to keep the bats away and to lift the men’s spirits. Her lips become cracked and bleeding, yet she will not stop. I love this battle scene so much!! I love that Andrew Peterson uses the power of music in his books!!

Say No To This

Guilty pleasure read

There isn’t one specifically, but I so often read, what are labeled, “little kid books” just for the fun of it. Some of them are really good stories and just books in general.

What Comes Next

A series you wish had more books

Though there are TONS of books/series that I wish had more books, I have to say The Wingfeather Saga.

Right Hand Man

Favorite BROTP

Merry and Pippin. Though they don’t have a “bromance”, I think that if they lived in today’s world they would TOTALLY have this on going joke that they were a couple. They seem like those kind of people. Haha!

What Did I Miss

A book/series that you were late to reading

Every book ever!!! I feel like there is always another book that I haven’t read that I really want to. I feel like I am missing out on a lot of them! Haha!

Stay Alive

A character you wish were still alive


Finnick and Prim in The Hunger Games.

In all honesty, I haven’t technically read these books, but I’ve seen the movies. I just have to list this story and characters sometimes.


The most heartbreaking end to a relationship


Nia and Rudric.*sniff*

The Reynolds Pamphlet

A book with a twist you didn’t see coming

I thought I knew all the ins-and-outs of Gnag when I started the third book in The Wingfeather Saga…I was wrong.


The Cozy Potato

One Book More

Tall Blonde Tales

Leah’s Books

Caffeinated Fae

Wishing Upon a Star

Paper Hearts

Goodey Reads


A Whisper of Ink

I also tag you. As in, anyone near and far who wishes to do this tag.

Thank you so much for reading this tag. My favorite song from Hamilton is either “Yorktown” or “The World Was Wide Enough”. But, heck, I love them all!! What is your favorite Hamilton song? Let me know in the comment section!

I feel like all my tags consist of are Wingfeather Saga and LOTR…I need to get more diversity!! Haha! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this tag! Should I keep doing weekly tags or no? What do you think? Bye, everyone! God bless!



The problem is I’ve got a lot of brains but no polish.

Alexander Hamilton as depicted in Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda

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  1. I love this tag! My family and I watched Hamilton about a month ago and really enjoyed it. My 9 year old, however, is firm in her opinion that The Greatest Showman is the best musical ever!! lol And Finnick, Prim, Rue, Cinna – they were all done so wrong! Thanks for the tag! I can’t wait to do it. 🙂

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