The Weaver Trilogy: The Story Raider (Book 2) by Lindsay A. Franklin

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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My review of the first book you can find here.

It is nearly been a month since Gareth the Usurper was overthrown by Tanwen and the band of weavers. Yet, unrest lingers in the capital of Urian. Braith En-Gareth is now queen and has taken the title with hesitation and wisdom. Deeds of grace, justice, and mercy mark the beginning of her reign. Yet the kingdom hates her for her blood-line. Will Braith be able to settle the upheaval?

Meanwhile, Mor, Yestin, and the rest of the weavers are racing to collect all four strands of an ancient cure for Gryfelle’s sickness. Yet Tanwen has a secret: she too suffers from the curse. With the lives of Tanwen and Gryfelle on the line, the weavers will stop at nothing to find them. Yet, something else seems to be dipping their hands into the cures of the ancients, wrestling with the will of the band of weavers. Something never seen before. Something the weavers wish they had never seen.

An exciting, face-paced, and riveting sequel to the Story Peddler, The Story Raider is quite exhilarating! Complete with ever-changing, relatable, loveable characters, and dark, daring cliff-hangers, this book is sure to have you striving for more.

The Story Peddler by Lindsay A. Franklin was a wonderful book that I will remember and enjoy for years to come. If only I knew that it was building to something more. After the extreme climatic events that occurred in The Story Raider, I am at loss for words. It is quite a miracle that I can collect my thoughts enough to jot them down in this review. No promises that this will be smooth, however.

I am not saying that The Story Peddler was bad compared to The Story Raider, rather, I’m saying that it pales in the shadow. The Story Raider was a ride!! It was funny, whimsical, stressful, heart-wrenching, and exciting. Once again, the story-telling, world-building, and character arcs were on point. Though I am well aware of sequels that disappoint, this was not one of them.

It is so strange how Lindsay took quite a turn with this series yet it still feels so right. The first book is about a girl who has a gift that can lead to deadly fates. The Story Peddler was about how she uses her gift, all the while introducing the reader to all the different characters, their stories, and Tanwen’s world. The Story Raider is a swash-buckling story, filled with exotic lands, an evil sorcerer, and mythical, ancient medicines. It took the story peddler, Tanwen, to a whole new level as well.

However, I must discuss my only problem with this book. Tanwen. In the first book, Tanwen is a believable character for she is annoying at times yet loveable at others. Not in an inconsistent way, mind you. In this book, she is more annoying than loveable. She got on my nerves because she was so selfish. In the first book, she was selfish at times, but not all the time. In The Story Raider, she is constantly pitying herself and her “problems”. I wish I could explain in further detail, but that would cause too many spoilers. However, in the last part of the book, being faced with more dire circumstances, she forgets her misery and focuses on her and the weaver band’s mission.

Triggers: Evil magic and references to sexual harassment.

Overall, this is an exceptional sequel to the amazing Story Peddler that failed to disappoint me. It is exciting! I am greatly anticipating the last book, The Story Hunter. This review seems to fail to portray the pleasure and enthrallment I received when reading this book. The best I can do is to HIGHLY recommend you read this series, especially YA fantasy lovers!

That’s all for this review. If you read this review without reading The Story Peddler all I can say to you is, “What a naughty, naughty child.” *disapproving look* Thanks for reading my review! God bless!

The world is indeed filled with peril, and in it there are many dark places; but still there is much that is fair, and though in all the lands love is now mingled with grief, it grows perhaps the greater.

J.R.R. Tolkien

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