The Weaver Trilogy: The Story Hunter (Book 3) by Lindsay A. Franklin

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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With Tanwen, Yestin, and the rest of the weaver’s return to Tir, they are met with bloodshed and ruin. Mobs gather at every corner, ready to completely obliterate any who dare to challenge them, riots spread like wildfires, and the once lovely palace fountain now gurgles in the deep crimson shade of blood and hate. Within a week, all that seemed to be fair, green, and good was stripped of life.

Redeeming the past can be a fatal quest. The question is, who if any will survive such a quest. However, the past must wait for the time being. Queen Braith has gone missing. They must find Braith, whether she be dead or alive. With very few clues available with which they can track down the queen, the weavers must resort to drastic measures. They must rely on the knowledge of a dangerous adversary. Will they be able to restore peace to Tir? Or will death be the sentence of all in this wordlessly addictive conclusion to The Weaver Trilogy?

I bet by now, you all are getting bored of my reviews from this series for they all state the same thing…“THESE BOOKS ARE AWESOME!!!” It is difficult to figure out 3 different ways to describe how great these books are! Yet, I will attempt once again to convey the thorough enjoyment I received from reading these books.

First off, all three of these books I finished in under 24 hours. I couldn’t put them down. Especially this one. It was extremely stressful and addicting!

Remember how I stated in my last two reviews how much I loved the perspective shifts? I said it is because they helped shape the story as well as provide opportunities for cliff-hangers. Lindsay A. Franklin took that to the extreme in this book. This novel repeatedly shifted from Tanwen’s to Diggy’s, to Braith’s, and then to Brac’s perspective. Nearly every shift ending with some sort of cliff-hanging sentence that will keep you up at night. I’m sure this would annoy some people, and with any lesser talented author, it would I as well. Yet, she does it so flawlessly and seamlessly.

Lindsay A. Franklin is SO good at captivating your attention. Her characters are SO realistic, her world is perfectly pieced together into a wondrous piece of art, and her ability to create drama at all the right times is great!

The only problem I had with this book was the villain. The villain seemed to have come out of nowhere. I think Lindsay intended it to be a villain that causes you to backtrack. As in, “Wow, how did this happen?”, “What did I miss?”, etc. However, I was not getting that from this villain. Though a good villain, he/she seems random.

Triggers: Evil magic, violence, sexual harassment, and references to sexual abuse along with one character nearly being abused. One should note that beginning in The Story Raider, a character enters the story that experienced sexual abuse. This is a theme that appears as this character struggles with her trauma. It is NOT glorified in any way. It is perceived as absolutely horrible and traumatic.

Overall, though I could ramble on and on over the epicness of this series, The Story Hunter is an addictive, poignant, mysterious, and magically heartwarming finale. I am so sad to see this story close. I only hope that Lindsay will take us back to Tir some other time. I highly recommend this book! Lindsay, you are such a magical storyteller with a link to every heart’s longing for a good story! Thank you for such an amazing story!

Thank you to whomever read this review! I do NOT thank those who read this WITHOUT READING THE FIRST TWO BOOKS!!!! Bad readers, bad readers! I truly think many of you are just being plain defiant. Seriously though, you guys SERIOUSLY need to read these books! They are SO good! Bye! God bless.

You know you’ve read a good book when you turn the last page and feel a little as if you just lost a friend.

Paul Sweeney

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