We’re having an ACTUAL blog party!🎉 (Something HUGE happened.)

Join the party over on Evin’s blog while it is still up and running!! She just reached (as in, this past week) 500 followers!!!! Go check her blog out and maybe get her to 600…wouldn’t that be something! Go on!

A Curly Sue's Ramblings

another long title?

I’d say this one is OKAY-ISH.

I’m gonna edit the title later. not.



the return of the dancing banana.

dUn DuN dUn…………..


COMMENT! if you know which post this dancing banana is from.

Oh. Wait a second. I just realised that I like my own posts.

SOooo I hope you’re having a spectacular day so far!! it’s about to get better because we’re havin’ a BLOG PARTY!!!


an actual one this time.

because last time, we had a BIRTHDAY PARTY which millions hundreds of peeps enjoyed – we had food, music, and entertainment which was talking in the comments and reading the post. (DuH)

Click here to go to that blog party.it’s closed, but you still might want to check it out!

why am I hosting this blog party?

WELL…….. something HUGE just…

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