A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Synopsis from Goodreads.

A heart-wrenching novel in verse about a poor girl surviving the Irish Land Wars, by a two-time Newbery Honor-winning author.

For Anna, the family farm has always been home… But now, things are changing. Anna’s mother has died, and her older siblings have emigrated, leaving Anna and her father to care for a young sister with special needs. And though their family has worked this land for years, they’re in danger of losing it as poor crop yields leave them without money to pay their rent.

When a violent encounter with the Lord’s rent collector results in Anna and her father’s arrest, all seems lost. But Anna sees her chance and bolts from the jailhouse. On the run, Anna must rely on her own inner strength to protect her sister–and try to find a way to save her family.

Written in verse, A Slip of a Girl is a poignant story of adversity, resilience, and self-determination by a master of historical fiction, painting a haunting history of the tensions in the Irish countryside of the early 1890s, and the aftermath of the Great Famine.

This review will be short for the book was short and not entirely enthralling.
A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff was a sad and easy read. It wasn’t complex in any sort of way. It was quick and to the point. In a way, this was nice. It didn’t take a lot of brain work and was a nice pause for my unquenchable book thirst. Although, I was a bit disappointed. I’ve read a few of Patricia’s historical fiction books and enjoyed them! They were good, clean, and educational books with a bit of flair. This book, though containing a bit of flair, was a letdown.

It was a nice book, but I was straining for something more. The verse was unfeeling and bland. It didn’t contain any sort of metaphors or nuances.

Triggers: None

Similar to the style of writing, the characters were bland. Anna was a sweet, heroic girl that…has been in a million other books. She was fine, just boring.

Overall, though I enjoyed this book, the only impression it made on me was it was the first book I’ve read in complete verse. I recommend to readers older than 8 who love historical fiction and/or poetry. Thanks for reading my mini-review. God bless!

Thanks for reading my cute lil’ review! Have you read this book or others by Patricia Reilly Giff? Let’s chat!

Signing out! God bless!

I would rather read a mediocre book than waste time sitting around with people making small talk.

James D. Sass

14 thoughts on “A Slip of a Girl by Patricia Reilly Giff”

  1. Ooh thank you for this succinct review… same here, I do enjoy short books which don’t require much thinking but I cannot do with bland characters, so I think I’ll give this one a pass!

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  2. Great review Millay! I loooove reading books in verse 🙂 as you said it’s very refreshing! I haven’t read any books by this author before, but I’m interested in seeing mg what she’s written now! Thanks for the recommendation!

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      1. ooh good theory! Yeah I promise I read it back and it wasn’t there before hitting “send”! XD Then “mg” tried to sneak in AGAIN when I was correcting myself! Strange things are happening… 😉

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