Let’s Talk Bookish: November 20th

Well hi, dear readers! Can you believe it’s 5 days until Thanksgiving?????!!! Though I love Thanksgiving in and of itself, I always love when it ends because that means the Christmas season begins!!!!!!! I have a rule where I can’t sing, listen to, or play Christmas songs until AFTER Thanksgiving! (If you do, you are killing baby reindeer.) So, the day after Thanksgiving, the Christmas tunes begin and the tree is set up and decorated! So, yeah, I’m pumped!!


I hope you all are doing well today!! Let’s Talk Bookish is, as described by one of the creators, as a “weekly meme, hosted by me (Rukky @ Eternity Books) & Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.”.

This week is a freebie which means that you can take a break from LTB or catch up on previous topics. The latter is what I choose to do today. This topic was created by Dani back in September 2020.

Is 3 stars a “good” rating?

Okay, this is a topic that I’ve wished to discuss with you guys for a while now, just didn’t want to put it in a review for fear of the review becoming “choppy”. So, I’m glad that Dani made this question!

In my book, 3 stars is the average rating. It is the rating of a random book I borrowed from the library that I enjoyed, but will forget in a couple months.

3 stars is a, “Hmm, that was a nice book. I don’t have much to say about it, but good.” Ya know? Like, it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t outstanding. The characters were good and funny, but not relatable and hilarious.

In conclusion, when you see me rate a book 3 stars, whether on Online Book Club, this blog, or Goodreads, it means that I did like it. I did not love it. There may be some who love it, but not me. Still, I would recommend it to certain people for they may really enjoy it.

Thanks for reading guys! What are your thoughts on the 3 star rating? Is it just “meh”, “good!”, or “bad”? Let me know in the comment section down below!

Only bad books have a good endings. If a book is any good, its ending is always bad because you don’t want it to end!



17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: November 20th”

  1. To me, a three-star review is a book that was good, but doesn’t stand out enough. It’s a type of book I enjoy but I cannot see ever wanting to read it again. I enjoy aspects, but other aspects aren’t as good. I don’t think 3 Stars is necessarily a bad rating, but instead in the middle, not great but not bad. So I agree with your thoughts!

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