The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine

Rating: 3 out of 5.
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Peregrine was given such a name for her ability to always move. Whether it be sitting, racing, or speaking, she was always moving and never stopped. She believed it to be the Lakti within her. The Lakti that wins her parents’ undying affection. The Lakti who always wage war. It is the source of their competitive drive, and its fire is what makes them thrive. So, one can only imagine Perry’s utter joy when her father summoned her to join him on the battlefield.

However, right before she was to join her father on the front lines, Perry receives a mysterious visitor. A fairy named Halina has world-trembling news for Perry. “Do not us fairies only visit the Bamarre?”

The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine is a uniquely sculpted story in a competitive socially built world. This review will be short for my thoughts aren’t too extensive and the book was simply mediocre. It had fair characters, clearly written chapters, yet a failing climax.

Peregrine’s storyline was interesting and unique, however, this was not the case with her character. She was a fine protagonist, yet bland. Yes, she showed emotions such as courage, fear, and doubt which can spice up a story, yet she still managed to be simply mediocre. Considering that her storyline and social situation were so unique, I expected an equally interesting character. This observation goes along with many of the characters. The unique one that I found was Perry’s adoptive mother.
The world-building, though not amazing, was highly interesting. I loved the implications of the vast differences between each social status. It made the world feel more real despite the presence of magical objects. I loved said objects though.

The storyline too is interesting, yet fails to accomplish its climax. There is SO much foreshadowing and anticipation for a certain event to take place, and when it does, I almost missed it. I was certainly paying attention but it flew by me. I was highly disappointed in this factor of the book. On the other hand, there were two parts that I loved, if that tells you anything. The rest is merely mediocre.

Triggers: a little bit of violence, and God’s Name taken in vain once.

Overall, this is a clean enjoyable read for fantasy lovers 12+. I enjoyed this book and I think others would too, although I’d be surprised if one found it amazing, for it isn’t.

Thanks for reading my review! I hope that you enjoyed reading it. Let’s chat in the comments. God bless!

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4 thoughts on “The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre by Gail Carson Levine”

  1. I might agree with you on the book’s quality but that cover is beautiful! I haven’t read fantasy books like these in a while although I sure hope to get started soon. Wonderful review, Millay!! You sounded so professional here!👏😂

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