The DragonKeeper Chronicles: DragonSpell (Book 1)

Rating: 4 out of 5.
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When 14-year-old Kale stumbles upon a dragon egg in a river on the plantation she works at, her world isn’t just rocked but turned entirely upside down. Commissioned by the elders at the plantation to bring the egg to The Hall in the bustling town of Vandela, Kale sees it as a new start to life. A life where she isn’t under the dictatorship of any kind of beast.

Yet, before Kale is even able to reach the gates of Vandela, a whole new path is set out in front of her. One that is as difficult as it is fulfilling. However, amongst her rapidly changing life, Kale has yet to learn her place. Will Kale be able to take on the challenges her new life promises? Or will the difficulties become too great and sent her limping back to her plantation?

DragonSpell by Donita K. Paul is an allegorical fantasy book for all ages that is filled with lessons of courage, adventure, humor, and heart. Everything was created and displayed perfectly from the characters to the story. It was enjoyable and seamless!

As I mentioned, the characters are displayed wonderfully! Kale is simply a teenager thrust into quite the task, and her reactions are perfectly tailored to her circumstances. She is relatable, funny, and sweet, yet is constantly plagued by fear and doubt. These combating emotions are always at play in Kale’s mind. However, Kale isn’t the only well-written character. Dar is one of the best male characters I’ve read. Though he has strictly “doneel” traits that normal humans usually do not have, he is still a very accurate character. He teases Kale to no end whatever chance he gets. He is truly a wonderful depiction of a “big brother” character! Also, Fenworth the wizard is particularly funny!

Aside from the characters, the story was well-thought through and driven. Though it is not an action-packed-can’t-wait-to-get-to-the-next-chapter kind of book, it is still filled with adventure and excitement. I would liken it to just that an adventure or journey. It is very good!
My only negative thought about this book was the climax. Mind you, it was NOT anti-climatic, yet everything built up and practically exploded in the last two chapters. Many people are fine with this as long as the climax isn’t anti-climatic, yet it kind of annoys me.

Triggers: Possibly scary imagery of monsters and magic. Now some of the magic in this book does fall under the “dark magic” category that many are sensitive to, however, it is not explicitly described or glorified. The other magical elements in this book are good and wholesome. They liken the “good magic” to creation, similar to the creation of our universe by God.

Overall, this is a wonderful book for all ages. Lovers of fantasy and books similar to Harry Potter, Narnia, and The Wingfeather Saga would enjoy this book. It is wonderful!

Thus ends another weekly review. What do y’all think? Ya gonna add this book to your TBR? (You should. ;)) Thanks for reading everyone! God bless!


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14 thoughts on “The DragonKeeper Chronicles: DragonSpell (Book 1)”

  1. I agree! This is for fantasy lovers and I am a biiiiiiig fantasy lover.. ❤️❤️💕 I read chronicles of Narnia. One of my fav books and Harry Potter ofcourse. I read every single book of Ronald Dahl and I have started reading David Walliams. Btw a brilliant review and I’ll definitely add this.

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