The Wingfeather Saga: The Monster in the Hollows (Book 3) by Andrew Peterson

Rating: 5 out of 5.
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Janner Wingfeather’s father was the High King of Anniera. But his father is gone. The kingdom has fallen. The royal family is on the run, and the Fang armies of Gnag the Nameless are close behind.

Janner and his family hope to find refuge in the last safe place in the world: the Green Hollows–a land of warriors feared even by Fangs of Dang. But there’s a big problem. Janner’s little brother-heir to the throne of Anniera-has grown a tail. And gray fur. Not to mention two pointed ears and long, dangerous fangs. To the suspicious folk of the Green Hollows he looks like a monster.

But Janner knows better. His brother isn’t as scary as he looks. He’s perfectly harmless.

Or is he?

Join the Wingfeathers on an adventure filled with mystery, betrayal, and sneakery in a land of tasty fruits. There’s a monster on the loose and the truth lurks in the shadows.

Synopsis from Goodreads.

Just when a series cannot get any better…it does. This book was phenamonal! It was so well-written! It was funny, exciting, awesome, and sweet! I loved it!

The characters, once again were on point! In this book, however, Andrew Peterson puts a twist on a new character that turns the title of the book into an oxymoron. It is very cleverly done! Just another attribute of these books to add to the pile.

The story was awesome! It ended with a bitter-sweet yet foreboding conclusion. It is perfectly set up for book 4! So many lives are on the line and it creates an epic and stressful expectation.

Triggers: Scary scenes and mild violence

Though this is a very brief review, do not think that this is a bad book! It is an AWESOME book!! It just would get boring for the readers to sit and read me rant about how awesome this book is! Rather, just take my word for it that it is awesome! Fantasy lovers of ALL ages need to read this series and ESPECIALLY this book!

To reiterate my earlier point, DO NOT LET THIS BRIEF REVIEW DETER YOU FROM READING THIS BOOK!!! It is SO good!! DEFINITELY one of my TOP favorite books!

What is one of your top favorite books?

Thanks for reading! Have a great day everyone! God bless you!


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8 thoughts on “The Wingfeather Saga: The Monster in the Hollows (Book 3) by Andrew Peterson”

  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed this book! It sounds really awesome 😍💚
    A recent favorite book of mine is The Dowry by Walter Keady! It’s like the perfect little Irish village novel and since reading it, I’m on a journey to find more books like it if at all possible 😂👏

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