The Wilderking Trilogy: The Secret of the Swamp King (Book 2)

By Jonathan Rogers

Rating: 2 out of 5.
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As book two opens, Aidan is living in the court of King Darrow. He has become best friends with Darrow’s son Steren, and he enjoys great favor among the courtiers. But King Darrow’s suspicion is growing and his insecurity causes him to hate the young man who saved his kingdom. Concerned about his king’s spiral into ever-darker moods, Aidan asks what he can do to help. Darrow sends him on an impossible adventure to the recesses of Feechiefen Swamp, thinking he is sending Aidan to his death. Afterall, no Corenwalder has ever returned from Feechiefen alive.

But Aidan’s fate is not sealed yet for Aidan has allies among the feechiefolk who know him as the hero Pantherbane.

The Secret of the Swamp King is a fairly exciting retelling of the story of King David from the Bible with a fanciful twist. It is full of adventure and humor. However, though this book was fairly interesting, it was certainly not amazing and was somewhat boring, despite its exciting plot-line.

The characters, though not 2-dimensional, were rather boring. They contained many of the attributes that a good character might have, but somehow still lacked. The two main characters, Aidan and Dobro, were good. But I didn’t find the others highly interesting. They were all mediocre.

The plot-line was mediocre also. One could only imagine how awesome the book, and series, might be with the knowledge that it is a fanatical retelling of the story of David. Yet it too fell short.

Triggers: barely explicit violence.

Now, please keep in mind that this wasn’t a bad book. It was entertaining enough for me to read and quite promptly finish. I’d recommend this book to fantasy lovers 8+. I know readers who love this book. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a sweet cup of tea. It was mediocre.

And that is that…;) I hope y’all concluded something about this book from my review…the next book’s review will be coming next week.

Have y’all read this book/series? What is a book that disappointed you? Let me know in the comments.

Your peace is more important than driving yourself crazy trying to understand why something happened the way it did.

So let it go.


3 thoughts on “The Wilderking Trilogy: The Secret of the Swamp King (Book 2)”

    1. The first one is mediocre…the second one is about the same. In all honestly, I wouldn’t really recommend it except to younger boys, maybe. Cause I have friend who loved it, but they were all boys between the ages of 8 and 12. So, yeah. Though this sounds really sad, and I hate to say it over a book that had so much potential, the first one is the best and pretty much the only one I liked. Thanks for reading! Hope this helps. xoxo

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