Fictional Siblings Book Tag: #BookTagTuesday

GOSH! I hope my scheduled posts are going to cooperate this week!


I saw this tag on Anne@AnnewithaBook the other day and LOVED it, so….obviously, I HAD to do it. 😉

Your favorite fictional siblings

I always go back to Little Women…no matter how many books there are that come close, thus far, none have topped Little Women. That book is just so full of heart and perfectly represents sisterhood!! UGH! I love it!!! Okay…but Narnia, Sense and Sensibility, and Pride & Prejudice are all worthy mentions.

Siblings who hate each other

Oh, One Half from the East by Nadia Hashimi has those. I originally loved the sisterhood expressed in this book, but once the main plot point unfolds, they all become VERY hateful towards each other. I mean, understandably so, but they never seem to mend and are continually cold to the main character.

Favorite Friends Who Should Have Been Siblings

I’m going to have to steal Anne’s answer to this one, and that would be the hobbits on LOTR.

Siblings who are complete opposites of each other

Ada and her little brother in The War That Saved My Life by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley are SO opposite.

Saddest sibling death in a book

Beth from Little Women.

Most annoying sibling in a book

OH MY GOSH, Lydia in Pride and Prejudice is SO annoying!!

Your favorite book featuring a big family

10 Kids, No Pets by Ann M. Martin! Not an extremely impressive book, bot coming from a family of 11, this book resonates deeply with me.

Flurry Sibling – your favorite dog/human siblings

Uh…Leeli and Nugget from The Wingfeather Saga.

Well, that is all for today, folks! What are your favorite book siblings? Let me know! Thanks for reading! God bless!


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