Six in Six Tag: #BookTagTuesday

So…this isn’t technically a book tag, but I saw it the other day on The Secret Library and thought it would it would be great for tag day! So here I am! However, Six by Six is actually a meme created by Jo at the Book Jotter.

Six Authors New to Me

Charles Dickens (in the sense of never having read his work before), Jessica Day George, Marissa Meyer, John Green, Suzanne Collins, and, oh, gosh, I can’t think of the last!

Six Books I Haven’t Reviewed Yet


The Fault in Our Stars

The One and Only Ivan

Robinson Crusoe

Huckleberry Finn

Little Women

The Lord of the Rings

Six Physical Books I’ve Read

The One and Only Ivan

Forest Born

David Copperfield

The Book of a Thousand Days

Rainbow Valley


Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf

1001 Things Every Teen Should Know

The Case for Grace

The Case for Faith

Vegetable Gardening for Dummies

Burn Zones

Do Hard Things

Six Audiobooks I Love

First off, I do NOT like audiobooks…I understand how they are convenient….but (blech) just no. They make me want to cringe. However, I LOVE good audio dramas!! Love them!! My favorites are either The Chronicles of Narnia or Kingdoms Dawn/The Knights of Arrethtrae ones! I HIGHLY recommend these audio dramas. I believe they are put on by Focus on the Family.

Six Books Set in a Country Other Than My Own

One Half from the East

The Klipfish Code

Black Beach

David Copperfield

Pride and Prejudice

The Laughing Princess of the Desert

Not sure if this was even meant to be a book tag, but now it is…kinda. 😉 I nominate whomever wants to does this meme/tag! What is the weirdest setting that you have read in a book? Lemme know in the comment section down below.

Life with God is not immunities from difficulties, but peace within difficulties.

C.S. Lewis

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