Adventures Book Tag: #BookTagTuesday

Hey! Found this tag the other day at Literary Weapon!

Which character would you love to go on an adventure with? 


If you could be any character for the day, who would you be and why? 

Oh, that is a really hard question because most of my favorite characters live in very unfortunate circumstances…however….I think I’d chose Meg from Little Women for this prompt.

What book  is on your TBR bucket list? 

Fable by Adrienne Young.

Which book has a contemporary setting you would love to go to? 

The place in A Fault in Our Stars by John Green that Hazel and Gus go to. I think it was Italy…?

Which book has a fantasy/fictional setting you would love to go to?  


What book or book edition would you do anything to get our hands on?

The original copy of Little Women…or at least one of the first few.

Name a character who is very adventurous and daring. 

Eowyn from LOTR.

Name the craziest or weirdest place you’ve ever read a book. 

I don’t really read them in ridiculously abnormal places…the weirdest place I can think of would be the trampoline.

Ya know what? I feel like tagging people today so…

If you didn’t get tagged to do this tag, please feel free to do it anyway. Thanks for reading, everyone! God bless!


Fill your house with lots of books, in all the crannies, in all the nooks.

Dr. Seuss


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