Popular Opinions Book Tag: #BookTagTuesday

Hello! So, last week a crazy thing happened! I was playing soccer in our yard when I got stung twice by a yellow jacket. At first it was no big deal. Seriously, the first sting didn’t even hurt!

But then it stung me again, and that really hurt!! I went into the house put ice on it. It started swelling immediately and literally not even 5 minutes after, I started breaking out in hives. From there it just got worse and worse. It spread everywhere!! I was having trouble breathing and speaking, my face was turning bright red, I was getting badly swollen, and my pulse was racing!! I was feeling so lightheaded, too! Anyway, both cars were gone, so we had to call our neighbors over for help.

They drove me and my sister to the ER…one bad car ride, that is for sure! Upon entry, I had to wear a mask. I put it on but couldn’t breath due to the respiratory problems AND my claustrophobia!! My sister told the receptionist that I was having trouble breathing, but he didn’t care. Rude! Anyway, I was starting to feel REALLY whoozy, and not soon after I vomited several times. The nurses and doctor got me some meds and after all of that and I began to feel better. I then went home and began to identify the insect I was SO “mildly” allergic to!! A yellow jacket. Next course of action: find the nest and get rid of it!

Moral of the story: be careful people! Now not a whole lot of people are necessarily that allergic to them…but still, keep an eye out! Seriously, it was not fun!


I found this tag on LiteraryLeisha. Go check out her blog people! It’s great!!

A popular book or series that you love

Since I am ALWAYS saying LOTR, I give y’all another one that I love!! The Weaver Trilogy by Lindsay A. Franklin!!

An underhyped book or series that you love and wish was more popular

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson and The Knights of Arrethtrae by Chuck Black.

A romance (love triangle or OTP) that you love

A romance that I love….that is a toughie…I really like Eowyn’s and ___________’s relationship in LOTR…but I’m sure there was another recently that I loved…

Your favourite genre + a popular genre that you want to read more often

My favorite genre is fantasy….what do I want to be more of? GOOD fantasy!

A popular or beloved character that you love or a character that you feel deserves more love 

Samwise (flipping) Gamgee!!!!! People!!

An autobuy author

Andrew Peterson.

A popular book trope that you love reading about

Uh….I’m not sure. 🧐

A popular series that you are excited to read

The Fable Series by Adrienne Young!!

A popular book + film where you love the story in both formats

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins!!!

No tags today other than those who read and want to do it!! What is y’all’s favorite book to film adaption?? Try to think of two…because I feel like everyone and their dog says HP. So, try and find a second favorite. 😉

Thanks for reading, everyone! God bless! Ciao.

Fantasy is hardly an escape from reality. It’s a way of understanding it.

Lloyd Alexander

6 thoughts on “Popular Opinions Book Tag: #BookTagTuesday”

    1. It wasn’t that bad because I was aware of the severity of my situation until the doctors told me that I need to be more careful because I was like 20 minutes away from not being able to be breath! So, then I was like…okay, I need to never get stung by a yellow jacket again! Haha!
      Nope! Never! 😉😂

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