The Time Bike by Jane Langton

Rating: 1 out of 5.
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The new bike isn’t pretty…

Not like the slick, red, twenty–one–speed bike that was stolen the very night Eddy had received it as a birthday present. The bike that Prince Krishna sent is old–fashioned and has a wicker basket — the kind of bike no self–respecting boy like Eddy would be caught dead riding. Soon, though, Eddy doesn‘t care how the bike looks, because it has the ability to travel in ways he never thought possible –– in the fourth dimension. Eddy can’t wait to take the ride of his life, visit important dates in history, and find a way to bypass exam week. But trips through time can have unpredictable results, and they‘re not always without danger….

The Time Bike by Jane Langton was a quick, rather boring read. Though it had some interesting parts, it was very bland.

The story in this book had highly interesting potential. However, it fell very short. It didn’t have a steady pace or goal. It was kinda all over the place. Plus, there wasn’t even a message at all.

The idea of this book was entertaining. A bike that can travel through time has a good amount of intrigue, yet, that wasn’t well executed.

To add to it, the characters weren’t even good! They were so 2 dimensional and boring!

The one thing that I did enjoy about this book was the one historical event that took place. That was interesting.

Triggers: none

Overall, I wasn’t enthralled in the slightest by this book. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

Sorry about this short review. There was just not much good to say about this book and I didn’t want to rant about the negative.

Thanks for reading everyone! God bless!

A reader lives a thousand lives.

George R. R. Martin


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