Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

It’s that time of the week again. Time for another #BookTagTuesday! Seeing as I LOVE Beauty and the Beast, I couldn’t pass this one up. 😉 I first saw this tag on Cozy Pages, but it was originally created by Kristy @ Kristy and the Cat Read. Rules: Link back to the original creator and … Continue reading Beauty and the Beast Book Tag

Fall Book Tag #BookTagTuesday

HeLLOOOOO everybody! It’s the Fall Book Tag, y’all. (That should be the official name though.) Found another fun book tag except this time on Shanah’s blog, BionicBookWormBlog. She created this tag in 2018. She didn’t list any rules, and since my creativity meter is making a drastic plummet today, I won’t add any. Crisp fall … Continue reading Fall Book Tag #BookTagTuesday

The Ultimate Disney Tag

Okay, so I know that this isn’t a book related post…but it is my blog, so I can do what I want. 😉 Anyway, I saw this tag on TallBlondeTales (aka, fellow Disney lover) and just had to do it. She is a really sweet blogger friend and you should definitely go check out her … Continue reading The Ultimate Disney Tag


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