Let’s Talk Bookish: May 21st

What’s up? Today is the day for another LTB.

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, hosted by (Rukky@EternityBooks) and Dani @ Literary Lion, where we discuss certain topics, share our opinions, and spread the love by visiting each other’s posts.


What’s your posting process?

I usually write a review once a week (assuming I’ve read enough books to review) and create a scheduled post. Same with tags, I do them, schedule them and just try to keep up. 😉

Do you write posts based on spontaneous ideas or do you follow a schedule of topics?

I follow a schedule of topics.

How do you decide what and what not to post (maybe you feel like some things are too controversial or “out of date”)?

I mostly just keep to my schedule…but there are times where I want to post things like my random thoughts and rants about, like, womanhood, COVID, and devotional stuff…but I just don’t really ever get around to doing those things.

Do you tailor your posts based on reader interaction/views, or do you just focus on what you want to talk about?

It really depends, I stick with my main schedule….but I have created part of my schedule in reaction to y’all’s fav stuff.

Well, that’s all for today, guys! Do y’all have anything y’all would like me to do more often or add to my schedule? Lemme know! Thanks for reading! God bless!


Strong women don’t have attitudes, they have boundaries and standards.


5 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Bookish: May 21st”

  1. Like you, I schedule my posts. But recently I’ve been more of a mood poster, posting whatever kinds of essays I feel like and not sticking with one book review and one different post per week. Good for you keeping up with a schedule!

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  2. Thank you so much for filling my form! ♥️
    I wanted to ask you something. What did you mean by hard language? I mean I really want to improve by your guys’s review! So can you plsss give me on example for like hard language!
    Thank you so much 💕

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    1. No problem. Posts that contain things like “All witches are not In a black cape . And perhaps all angels are not In a white!” or “No point of this pointless argue meant!” or “human are just a nasty little blob of selfishness!” make it a little hard to follow at times. They are mostly just typos, but are more frequent causing it to be a little hard to follow along. This doesn’t take away from your delightful and thought-provoking posts, but it might be a good idea to attach Grammarly to your Chrome. Now, Grammarly and other grammar checking apps are FAR from perfect and if you read any of my posts you will certainly find typos, but Grammarly does help minimize the number of errors.

      Great job on your blog! You are certainly doing better than I could ever have done at 13! (Also, welcome to the teens! Woohoo!!) Keep up the good work!

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