The One Where Time Doesn’t Exist: #BookTagTuesday

Wazzup?! So….

I saw this tag on April@BookedTillMidnight and loved it, forgot to bookmark it, and then remembered just the other day. 😉 So…phew…(almost had a panic attack) NOW I’m going to do it!


Let’s go.

Best Villain

It has got to be the White Witch from Narnia. She is a great villain!

Best Main Character

Nope. I seriously can’t! It is like picking a favorite, I can’t!!!! People, I CAN’T!!!!!!!!!!

…but there are some characters that I think are really well-written as the main characters for they are very relatable. Those characters would be Janner from the Wingfeather Saga, Tanwen from The Weaver Trilogy, and Katniss from the Hunger Games.

A Character You’re Glad You Aren’t

Annie from The Hunger Games. I just couldn’t be her…all the TREMENDOUS amount of pain she goes through is horrible!!!! I’m honestly astonished that she didn’t just…ya…know….but, she is a great minor character. I know, she is barely in it…but still!!! Ya know what we need, and Finnick and Annie story!!! It would be dark, but so beautiful at the same time! Just think of it!

A Setting You Won’t Mind Settling Down In

The Shire!!!!! My dreamland!!!!

A Setting You Wouldn’t Want to Settle Down In

Panem. Eesh.

An Under-hyped Book That People Would Enjoy if They Tried It

The Wingfeather Saga by Andrew Peterson. (Yes, I know a saga isn’t a book….but I just had to bend it a LITTLE bit….”They’re more like guidelines”.)

A Book That Kept You Laughing and Having a Good Time

The Door at the End of the World by Caroline Carlson is actually a really funny book! I know there was another book I read in the past year that was absolutely hilarious but my brain is as blank as blank can be other than that one.

A Book You Couldn’t Forget If You Tried

All my favorites…but one that has always stuck with me even though I’ve read it once is Kisses from Katie.

A Book Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Read Before

UGH!!! THIS AGAIN!!!!!!! Seriously though, A Bloody Book is a really unique and gritty book that I will remember for a long time. I definitely recommend it to others who are looking for a real, unique read.

Well, that’s all for this tag! If ya wanna do this tag, feel free! Just let me know if you do cause I want to see your answers! What is an under-hyped book that you guys love? Thanks for reading! God bless!


You might not write well every day, but you can always edit a bad page.

You can’t edit a blank page.

Jodi Picoult

10 thoughts on “The One Where Time Doesn’t Exist: #BookTagTuesday”

  1. The White Witch is one of the best fictional villains, I agree! I remember as a child, I was terrified of her. She is even more terrifying in The Magician’s Nephew as Jadis. This is a really fun tag!

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    1. Yeah! Especially in the audio dramas. She is just…oh darn, I can’t think of the word. Like seductive, creepy, and menacing all at the same time. She’s so horrid but SO great! Feel free to do it, Anne! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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